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Fantasy Flight Previews Investigators from Dead of Night

Dead of Night. Some people might use that term to describe when I wake up in the morning and start work (been up since 2:30am. No alarm clock required. And no caffeine consumed). But it's also the name of the next expansion coming up for Arkham Horror. As one would expect, there's some new Investigators incoming. In this preview, we get a look at them.

From the post:

The investigators of Arkham Horror come from all walks of life. While some rely on science and observable fact to deconstruct the mysteries surrounding Arkham, others take a more enigmatic approach. Unraveling the mysteries of Arkham with rituals and spells, putting their own sanity at risk as they face the dead of night.

Join us today as we preview two new investigators inDead of Night, the first expansion for Arkham Horror Third Edition.

Dead of Night introduces two new scenarios for the investigators of Arkham Horror to wrap their minds around. Both of these scenarios bring new nightmares for the citizens of Arkham to contend with, inviting new ancient ones, monsters, and challenges into the fold.

However, four new investigators look to bring hope in this time of darkness. Each of these characters is lost or broken in their own way , but each also has unique strengths to bring to an investigation, and perhaps, if they’re lucky, they can even use these skills to save the world.