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Fantasy Flight Previews Imperial Shoretroopers for Star Wars: Legion

Your standard Stormtrooper might not know how to install a toilet main, but they do know everything about killing and white uniforms. But when there's a need for more specialized troops, the Empire is ready to deploy those at a moment's notice. Beach landings have been an important part of warfare forever, and to keep the Empire's shorelines safe, tehre's the Shoretroopers. Soon, they'll be making their way to Star Wars: Legion tabletops. Take yourself a look.

From the post:

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps prepares its troops to do battle on any planet under any conditions. No matter how prepared they are, however, these general-purpose soldiers are no replacement for the Empire’s many troops trained to fight in specific environments. The beaches of Imperial-controlled planets are particularly vulnerable, with miles of coastline that could serve as landing zones for Rebel incursions.

Soon, your Imperial armies will be better equipped to protect Imperial installations on these planets with the Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansionfor Star Wars™: Legion!

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add two new corps units to your Imperial war machine. Five unpainted, finely detailed Shoretrooper miniatures carrying E-22 blaster rifles stand ready to repel any Rebel advance. Meanwhile, a T-21B Trooper can pick off any remaining enemy troops from a distance.

For the stoutest defense possible, though, you’ll want to deploy a DF-90 Mortar Trooper as a detachment from your Shoretroopers. Launching volleys of suppressive fire from long distance, this trooper provides all the stopping power you’ll ever need. Finally, five upgrade cards invite you to outfit your Shoretroopers with the weapons, training, and gear to prepare for any situation.