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Fantasy Flight Previews HMP Droid Gunship For X-Wing

The Separatists like to run their armies efficiently by using droids to do the fighting. You might think they're just the foot-soldiers on the ground, but their ships are droids as well, including the HMP Droid Gunship. Get a look at how this figure will play in X-Wing with this preview.

From the article:

From swarms of droid starfighters buzzing overhead to the thunderous footsteps of legions of battle droids, the Separatist Alliance can easily intimidate those who would stand against it. Of all the terrifying technology at the Separatist’s disposal, perhaps none invokes fear quite as effectively as the HMP Droid Gunship.

The ship’s menacing silhouette, ominously humming repuslorlifts, and eyes glowing with malevolence are enough to make even those unfamiliar with these deadly droids aware of the doom to come. Soon, you can intimidate your opponents with the HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

This expansion gives you everything you need to add your own HMP Droid Gunship to your Separatist squadrons. In addition to a finely detailed, pre-painted HMP Droid Gunship miniature, you’ll also find plenty of ways to customize the ship to fit your strategies. Six ship cards invite you to outfit your HMP Droid Gunship with its own unique droid intelligence, while eight upgrade cards give you the opportunity to kit it out with additional weapons, add a new tactical relay, or even modify how it maneuvers with its own configuration. Finally, three quick build cards provide predetermined combinations of ships and upgrades that let you explore everything the HMP Droid Gunship can do.

Read on for a closer look at the HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack!