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Fantasy Flight Previews Gameplay in Descent: Legends of the Dark

There's a new version of Descent just on the horizon. It's called Legends of the Dark and it will bring the dungeon-delving excitement back to your tabletops. But just how will the game work compared to previous iterations? Well, you get to see just that in this preview of the game's, well... gameplay.

From the article:

You stand in the rain, battered and bloodied, gripping your weapon with aching fingers. Before you writhes a snarling mass of Uthuk berserkers and their sinister commanders; behind you, your companions nurse their wounds as they barely cling to consciousness. You might be able to cut a path through the enemy and get your friends to safety, but you might just as well put yourself in the path of a berserker’s blade. It all comes down to a roll of the dice—the question is, will you take the risk?

The release of Descent: Legends of the Dark is fast approaching, and with it comes epic tales, great battles, and intriguing exploration. Between the savage hordes of Uthuk Y’llan and the undead legions of Waiqar the Undying, our ragtag group of heroes certainly have their work cut out for them. As they explore forbidden dungeons, thwart evil schemes, and gather power and experience, our heroes’ path is plagued with difficult choices that, by the end of their tale, may transform the fate of Terrinoth itself.

To help prepare you for this grand adventure, let’s take a condensed look at the gameplay of Descent, in particular at how a typical player’s turn unfolds and how the app enhances the classic, dungeon-crawling tabletop gameplay fans of the franchise know and love.