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Fantasy Flight Previews GM Resources in Shadows of the Beanstalk

Shadows of the Beanstalk, the new book coming for the Android universe using the Genesys system from Fantasy Flight has more than just new things for players. GMs also get a new set of resources to check out. Like what? Well, that's what we get a look at in this preview.

From the preview:

Roleplaying in the world of Android is unique from many other roleplaying settings. Rather than heroes embarking on an epic quest, the world of Android invites players to live their lives in an increasingly crowded and complicated world—a world where megacorporations control nearly every aspect of daily life and your character's greatest adventure might be just finding the means to survive another day.

Luckily, Shadow of the Beanstalk, an Android sourcebook for Genesys Roleplaying, contains plenty of advice for Game Masters on how to immerse their players in the cyberpunk future!

From a bevy of NPCs ready to populate your world to pre-made adventure setups full of twists and turns, the sourcebook is filled with advice to bring your adventures to life. Of course, with any Genesys setting, the world is yours to create, and the mechanical and thematic information in the book can be applied to any cyberpunk setting that you imagine!