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Fantasy Flight Previews Fugitives & Collaborators Pack for X-Wing

The Scum & Villainy faction for X-Wing is getting its own set of elite fighters soon. It's the Fugitives and Collaborators pack. They might be on the fringes of society, but they'll be in the middle of the dogfight when the shootin' starts.

From the article:

Throughout the history of the Star Wars™ galaxy, there have been those who stood in the shadows between the great powers of each era. From outcast Jedi padawans trying to forget their pasts after Order 66 to mercenaries who serve the nefarious First Order for credits, there have always been Fugitives and Collaborators.

The Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack for Scum and Villainy includes one HWK-290 light freighter and two BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighters, all flown by outsiders who find themselves drawn into deadly conflicts. Some are mercenaries like Arliz Hadrassian and the Amaxine Warriors who flock to conflicts in any era. Others are opportunists like Gamut Key . And still others are there not in the criminal underworld because they desire to be, but because the galaxy has left them outcast, like Kanan Jarrus . Whether you are a new player of Star Wars™: X-Wing or an old pirate like Hondo Ohnaka who has been playing Scum and Villainy for years, this squadron pack delivers the best and worst of the galactic underworld to the game table.