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Fantasy Flight Previews Executor For Star Wars: Armada

It's been a while since we've gotten a Star Wars: Armada preview. And it looks like Fantasy Flight was saving up, as this is a pretty big one. Literally, it's the biggest ship they've made for the game. It's a look at the Super Star Destroyer set, the first huge ship for the game.

From the post:

Outside of the mighty Death Star, there are few symbols of Imperial might and oppressive power more iconic than the Super Star Destroyer. One of these mighty ships served as Darth Vader’s flagship during the Battle of Endor, terrifying enemy pilots and demanding the attention of the entire Rebel fleet before it was eventually brought down.

Soon, you’ll be able to muster this symbol of the Galactic Empire as part of your own fleets in Star Wars™: Armada with the Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack. Join us today for a closer look at the different ways you can field the Super Star Destroyer and the impact that it can have on your battles!