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Fantasy Flight Previews Enemies From Heroes of Terrinoth

There's not much to do for a hero if there's no enemies to fight. Sure, you could go help Farmer Johnson fix the wheel on his wagon, but c'mon, you've got this armor and this axe and these lightning bolt spells. You need some foes to fight! Some wrongs to right! Some broccoli caught in your teeth. In this preview, we get a look at the enemies you'll find in Heroes of Terrinoth.

From the post:

Terrinoth is a land of magic, spirits, and strife. Threats across Mennara grow stronger each day, from the Free Cities to the cursed Mistlands, and dangers stir in deep dungeons and unseen corners where the sun cannot reach. The world needs heroes to stand against the darkness and defend the innocent. Now, you and your team of champions are tasked with eight noble missions, where you will battle fierce monsters, discover hidden treasures, and experience adventures worthy of song. You will assume great risk if you choose to accept, but the glory that awaits is well worth the danger.

But we would never ask you to take on this task without giving you a hint of what you’ll be up against. Today, we're pleased to offer you a closer look at the enemies you will face during your adventures in Heroes of Terrinoth—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!