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Fantasy Flight Previews Dice System For Legend of the Five Rigns RPG

So, you've got your character put together. You're all set up to do something cool in the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. And... now what? You've got some funny-lookin' dice. What do they do? How do they work? In this preview from Fantasy Flight, we get a look at just how all that stuff works.

From the post:

During our Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beta, one question we occasionally received was “Why not use Narrative Dice System of Genesys for Legend of the Five Rings?” And it’s a valid question: the Narrative Dice System has a strong track record, and obviously works well for many different genres and game experiences, from science fiction to steampunk to the Realms of Terrinoth.

When we sat down to design Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying, this was absolutely a topic we also discussed. Designer Katrina Ostrander and I had both developed books using the Narrative Dice System, and Genesys lead developer Sam Stewart was also a major contributor to the meetings—so the NDS perspective was certainly well-represented. However, we decided fairly quickly that we wanted to develop a new dice system for Legend of the Five Rings, for several reasons.