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Fantasy Flight Previews Deck-building in Marvel Champions

My favorite part of card games is building my deck. I had an idea of what I wanted the deck to do in my mind and then I made sure that every card was put towards that purpose. I tended to build things super-tight and laser-focused. So, I'm intereted to see how deck building works in the upcoming Marvel Champions card game from Fantasy Flight. Thankfully, in this preview, we get a look at exactly that.

From the post:

Every hero in the Marvel Universe is different, with their own array of fantastic powers and abilities. But these heroes never stay static for long—they’re always growing, evolving, and changing. Whether it’s Tony Stark building a new iteration of the Iron Man suit, Kamala Khan learning a new way to harness her shapeshifting talents, or Peter Parker tinkering with his web-shooters, any hero can find ways to improve.

In Marvel Champions: The Card Game, you become one of these heroes, and like these heroes, you can tweak what you bring to each scenario through deckbuilding. Join us today as we take a closer look at how you can explore deckbuilding in Marvel Champions!