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Fantasy Flight Previews Combat in Discover: Lands Unknown

Discover: Lands Unknown is Fantasy Flight's upcoming unique board game. Every single box will contain different components from the rest. No two sets will be fully the same. However, the overall theme of the game is the same: you find yourself out in the wilderness and you must survive. Of course, there's a lot of dangerous things out there, including animals and monsters who might try and eat you for dinner. In this preview, we get a look at how combat works in the game.

From the post:

If unraveling the mystery of your strange stranding wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to face a myriad of foes in Discover: Lands Unknown. As you traverse your new surroundings you’ll come across enemies that make this environment even more dangerous than you originally realized, and you’ll be pushed to fight if you are going to have any hope of finding a way home.  

Join us today as we preview combat and enemy encounters in Discover: Lands Unknown, a Unique Board Game of adventure and exploration!

Discover: Lands Unknown is a Unique Game, meaning the mix of components found in your copy is unlike any other in the world. Though every game of Discover is governed by the same rules, the enemies, resources, characters, and even environments featured within will be a different combination in every box. If you would prefer to remain unspoiled on what you may encounter in your copy of Discover: Lands Unknown, turn back now! Otherwise, read on to find out how to deal with the enemies featured in your game.