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Fantasy Flight Previews Clan Wren Unit For Star Wars: Legion

Ever since Boba Fett stepped onto the screen for the first time, people have been obsessed with the Mandalorians. They are known as some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy and soon, they'll be coming to your Star Wars: Legion tabletops. Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview of the Clan Wren unit expansion for the game. Have yourselves a look-see.

From the article:

Mandalorians are among the most revered warriors in the galaxy, their iconic armor a symbol of their combat prowess. More than just protection in combat, this armor carries within it the proud traditions of every Mandalorian. But now these traditions are under siege by the Empire, which has driven a stake between the great houses of Mandalore. Soon, you can rise up and fight to reclaim this past with the Clan Wren Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

This expansion gives you everything you need to add one of two units of powerful Mandalorian warriors to your Rebel armies. First, you can join forces with the Mandalorian Resistance to throw off the shackles of the Empire. Alternatively, members of the legendary Clan Wren are ready to lend their special abilities to your forces.

No matter which units you choose to bring to the fight, the seven Mandalorian miniatures you find in this expansion are highly customizable. You can adjust how high three of these miniatures fly into battle with their jetpacks, while the other four can be assembled with a variety of weapons and poses. Finally, eight upgrade cards help you fully tailor them to fit your strategy.

Read on for a full look at everything included in the Clan Wren Unit Expansion!