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Fantasy Flight Previews C-ROC Cruiser For X-Wing

While the Imperials can certainly create ships of rather large size, and the Rebels manage to get enough shipbuilders on their side to do it as well, the various individuals that make up the Scum & Villainy faction in X-Wing also can create such large ships. One example is the C-ROC Cruiser. This ship is getting an update to 2nd edition, and you can see just what it will look like in this preview.

From the post:

The Outer Rim presents many opportunities for those bold enough to pursue them. In the absence of the Republic or the Empire, intrepid smugglers and pirates haul illicit cargo from one end of the galaxy to the other in search of both fame and fortune. While most of these scoundrels limit their activities to smaller ships like the YT-1300 light freighter, the more ambitious among them set their sights higher.

Vessels like the C-ROC cruiser allow criminal operations across the Outer Rim, like the Broken Horn Syndicate, to move massive amounts of contraband goods through the galaxy's seedy black markets—or project enough power to bully small colonies into complying with their demands. Soon, you can support your own criminal enterprises with the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Packfor Star Wars™: X-Wing!

Whether flown by smugglers seeking a sizeable profit or privateers employed by the Separatist Alliance, this expansion contains everything you need to make a C-ROC cruiser the centerpiece of your Scum or Separatist squadrons. A beautifully painted C-ROC cruiser miniature is accompanied by a suite of upgrade cards that invite you to outfit some of the most infamous C-ROC cruisers from across the Star Wars galaxy with an array of weaponry and dirty tricks. Meanwhile, two quick build cards help you easily combine these upgrades and launch your C-ROC cruiser as quickly as possible.

Veteran players with a C-ROC cruiser miniature from the first edition of X-Wing can also find the ship, upgrade, and quick build cards and tokens from this expansion pack in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit. Join us today as we take a closer look at what you’ll find in the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack!