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Fantasy Flight Previews Bossk For Star Wars: Legion

Res Luk Ra'auf. And so we have Bossk's one line from Star Wars. He was one of the bounty hunters that Vader sent after Han Solo and crew. Soon, you'll be able to unleash him on your own Star Wars: Legion battlefields, as we take a look at the Bossk Operative set coming soon from Fantasy Flight.

From the post:

In a galaxy stricken by increasingly brazen “rebellion,” the Galactic Empire has come to rely on the talents of a cadre of infamous bounty hunters to supplement its forces and take down high profile Rebel leaders. Among the most widely feared of these hunters is the cold-blooded Bossk.

Remorseless and brutally efficient, this reptilian warrior has carved himself a reputation equaled only by the notorious Boba Fett. His success is at least partly a result of his unique Trandoshan physiology, which allows him to heal from otherwise deadly wounds at an astonishing rate. When Imperial military commanders have a target in mind, few can equal the raw ferocity and cunning of Bossk. Soon, you can harness the firepower and ferocity of a born hunter with the Bossk Operative Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.