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Fantasy Flight Previews BARC Speeder and Droidekas For Star Wars: Legion

Continuing their look into the Prequel part of the Star Wars saga, Fantasy Flight has some new previews for Star Wars: Legion. There's a new speeder for the Old Republic (its BARC is worse than its bite... No, I'm not sorry for that) and then you have the Droidekas (or Destroyer Droids, if you're Obi-Wan).

From the website:

The Clone Wars are raging across the Star Wars galaxy and, as more and more planets are drawn into this epic conflict, both sides explore different ways to support their troops on the ground. Soon, both the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance will have the chance to supplement their forces with some of the Clone Wars’ most cutting-edge military technology. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce two new Unit Expansions forStar Wars™: Legion:

Representing radically different approaches to vehicular combat, these Unit Expansions can support your troops in every phase of the battle. Whether you’re looking to lay down some heavy fire to protect your troops’ advance or make your army more mobile, these units open new options for your Clone Wars-era armies, letting you diversify your forces and explore new strategies, no matter what enemy you face.