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Fantasy Flight Previews Army of the Republic for Star Wars: Legion

During the Clone Wars, the Army of the Republic was made up of clones (hence the name) led by fearless Jedi. Coming soon for Star Wars: Legion, players will be able to take this army to the field for themselves. In this preview, we get a look at the clone trooper units, the BARC speeder, as well as Obi-Wan who will be leading the charge.

From the post:

The Separatist Alliance’s massive droid military menaces countless star systems, threatening to dissolve a republic that has stood for a thousand years. Now, the Galactic Republic puts its faith in an army of clone soldiers in a desperate bid to preserve democracy throughout the galaxy.

Leading these untested clones into battle are none other than the Republic’s noble Jedi Knights. Once the guardians of peace and justice, the Jedi are now called into an all-out war for survival. Fighting side-by-side, Jedi and Clone Troopers are a formidable force. But the Separatists command innumerable battle droids, ready to crush all who stand in their way. Soon, you’ll be able to play out the battles of this pivotal period of the Star Wars saga with the Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars™: Legion. 

If you choose to take up the cause of the Galactic Republic, this Core Set provides fourteen Phase I Clone Trooper miniatures—enough for two corps units—to form the foundation of your armies, as well as a BARC Speeder miniature that adds some much needed versatility and mobility to your Republic forces. Finally, leading this grand army into battle is legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who threatens enemy forces with his lightsaber and unconventional battle tactics alike.

Join us today as we take a glimpse of the Republic forces included in the Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars: Legion!