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Fantasy Flight Previews Aliens From Cosmic Encounter: Duel

If there's one thing that's strange about Cosmic Encounter, and there are many things that are strange about Cosmic Encounter, is the different alien species that are in it. Well, in Cosmic Encounter: Duel, players will get to meet a whole new host of aliens. And, in fact, you don't have to wait to get the game. You can meet them now.

From the article:

The galaxy can be an overwhelming place. New planets pop up with uncanny frequency, there’s a strange new alien around every corner, and the entire affair is overseen by an alarmingly bureaucratic organization known as the Cosmic Citizenship Council. But there’s no better time to start meeting the new neighbors than right now!

Cosmic Encounter Duel is a fast-paced, tactical board game, spinning off from the original Cosmic Encounter game and distilling its essential experience into a game designed specifically for two players. In last week’s preview, we took a closer look at the heart of the game by shining the spotlight on the strategic choices you’ll make in every duel—but before you can hope to win a duel, you need to know your opponent.

Cosmic Encounter Duel comes with 27 brand-new aliens, each with a truly unusual approach to the game! Today, we turn our attention to the curious and unexpected aliens that you can play, as well as seeing the return of a few familiar faces.