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Fantasy Flight Previews Actions in Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

The creatures on the other side of reality are coming. Via arcane artifacts and strange rituals, the fabric of creation is being torn and they're making their way to come ensure insanity and destruction upon us all. That is, unless some intrepid heroes stop them. That's the story in Arkham Horror, the 3rd edition of which is coming. In this preview, we get a look at how Actions for the Investigators will work.

From the post:

Fear paralyzes. It wraps its tendrils deep in your mind and claws at your sanity, eroding your will to fight back against the horrors that lurk in the night. But if the world has any hope of standing against the unknowable eldritch abominations on the periphery of reality, brave souls will have to shed this fear and take a stand in order to save themselves… and the world.  

Join us today as we preview how your investigators can fight back against the darkness in Arkham Horror Third Edition!

Arkham Horror Third Edition is the newest edition of the classic cooperative board game of cosmic horror. Today’s preview will cover investigator setup and the action phase, and you can join us every Friday to unravel more of the mystery behind the bizarre city of Arkham!