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Fantasy Flight Posts X-Wing Points Update

Keeping a game with as many moving parts as X-Wing balanced is a tricky thing. There's always a lot of things that can be tweaked to make sure the game runs as smoothly as possible. Fantasy Flight has done an overhaul of the points in the game and posted the results. Make sure your squadron is still legal.

From the article:

X-Wing 2021 Season 1 Points Update and Hyperspace Rotation

Updated X-Wing points lists are now available in the Support section of our Star Wars™: X-Wing product page! We have been planning for some time to move the January update to November, despite the events that originally precipitated this change not occurring this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to proceed with that update in November instead of waiting until January. There will not be an additional scheduled points update in January.

So, as this update marks the beginning of the 2021 X-Wing year, what has been changed and why?

Points Changes

With the highly dominant Nantex-class Starfighter already increased in price in the October unscheduled update, the metagame is already more uncertain and dynamic than it might usually be during one of the twice-yearly scheduled updates. As such, from the perspective of points changes, this update is fairly mild in effect, meant to help empower some iconic but underperforming ships and slightly reduce the effectiveness of some staple ships and upgrades.

Both the T-65 and T-70 X-wing have received a slight drop in points, as has the TIE/ln fighter. Similarly, a number of iconic Republic vessels have received small points reductions—including every instance of “Odd Ball.”

There's also a new army builder that you can find here.