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Fantasy Flight Posts X-Wing Points Update

When you're building your squadron in X-Wing, you've got so many points you can spend. The cost of each ship is a reflection of how powerful it is in the game. More power = more points. That's just balance. Well, Fantasy Flight is adjusting the points costs of many ships and upgrades. They've posted the results and you can go get them now. Make sure your favorite squadron is still legal.

From the article:

The latest points update for Star Wars™: X-Wing is now live! These updates include slight changes to the ships and upgrades of every faction as well as tweaks to generic upgrades. Learn more about these changes directly from X-Wing developer Max Brooke today as he runs down the major adjustments and the thinking behind them. Then, visit our X-Wing page to take a look at the changes for yourself! 

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, there has been relatively little competitive X-Wing in 2020. The development team conferred with Organized Play about whether there even should be a July 2020 points update and Hyperspace rotation. Both teams agreed that an update was worth implementing, but with the following guidelines in place:

  • Nothing will be removed from Hyperspace in July. We want to give players a chance to use Hyperspace lists they may have built but not had a chance to play yet.
  • However, some new elements will be added to Hyperspace in July to keep the game mode fresh. Players should note that this is an exception to our usual process. Normally, we would not add content during the twice-yearly updates without rotating out other content, but because many players haven’t yet had a chance to use lists they built in the first half of the year, we don’t want to cut people’s options at this point. Some content will rotate out of Hyperspace again in the next update.
  • Points changes will be incremental and focused on conclusions we can draw from existing data, especially that coming from the second half of 2019.

With those general principles for this update established, let’s delve into some specifics.

High-initiative, high-mobility aces, especially in the Imperial and Republic factions, have been consistent performers across Second Edition. Pilots like Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Whisper,” and Soontir Fel have had strong showings in the competitive scene, and this update is bringing modest increases to these pilots and their favored upgrades, often in the 1–3 point range. With a lot of new content on the horizon and fewer recent tournaments from which to draw data, these changes are generally cautious. This set of changes isn’t meant to push such ships out of viability, just make their points better reflect their value as it has played out so far.