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Fantasy Flight Posts X-Wing 2nd Edition Launch Event Details

In this Year of New Editions, Fantasy Flight is bringing us the 2nd edition of their X-Wing Miniatures Game. Of course, such an event deserves a party. And that's what FFG is doing. They're having Launch Events all over, and they've posted up what sort of swag you can get for attending. We're just a couple weeks from release, so check out your LGS to see if they'll be holding one.

From the website:

The release of X-Wing™ Second Edition is fast approaching—and so is your chance to take part in the opening exchanges!

The Core Set and the first wave of starship expansions are scheduled to hit retailers on September 13. This means we'll soon see X-wings and TIE fighters racing through the stars. We'll witness torpedoes blasting through shields and hull plating. We'll find pilots straining to pull their ships through difficult maneuvers, hoping to keep just outside of their opponents' rotating turret arcs. And we'll be introduced to pilots capable of using the Force.

There's a lot to celebrate in this second edition, and you can celebrate along with other aces the world over by heading to your favorite local game store and taking part in an X-Wing Second Edition Launch Party!