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Fantasy Flight Posts Updated Legend of the Five Rings Rules

The lands of Rokugan have gone through many changes as the different clans war for supremacy. And so have the rules for engagement, both on the battlefield and the tabletops. Fantasy Flight has posted an updated rules reference for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG, along with card updates, draft rules, and more.

From the article:

The Kaiu Wall has been breached, and Akuma-no-Oni’s forces are ravaging the Empire…but not all is lost! The heroes of Rokugan have set aside their differences and banded together against this common foe. During this time of unusual unity between the clans, the Regent has seen fit to issue one final update to the Imperial Law, in an effort to maintain fun and balance should the clans (inevitably) return to their bitter conflicts. You can find an updated Rules Reference, Imperial Law, and Draft Rules documents now available for download under the Support Section here, as well as the complete Under Fu Leng’s Shadow rulebook to support challenge and cooperative play.