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Fantasy Flight Posts Star Wars: Legion Mechanics Overview

Sure, Star Wars: Legion has been out for a while, but maybe you never really gave it much of a look because you weren't entirely sure how the mechanics worked. You might've checked around, but didn't see anything truly to your liking in explaining the game. Well, Fantasy Flight is here to help. They've posted up an overview of the game so you can know just exactly if it's the game you're looking for.

From the post:

Now that Kevin has got you started with Legion 101 and the hobby aspects of Star Wars™: Legion, it’s now time to go over the core mechanics of the game. The four topics that we want to go over today are Army Requirements, Terrain, Defining the Battlefield and Deployment!

Army Requirements

In a standard game of Star Wars: Legion, you build an army of units, and the army of units that you build has requirements as well as restrictions. For starters, you have 800 points to spend on the units in your army.