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Fantasy Flight Posts Star Wars: Armada Rules Update

Star Wars: Armada got itself a pretty big rules update over on Fantasy Flight's site. They're prepping the game for the addition of the Republic and Separatists and have updated various things in turn. Head over and get this new document to make sure you're playing the game correctly.

From the article:

Big changes are coming to Star Wars™: Armada. The game enters the Clone Wars on Friday with the introduction of the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance factions. To mark this occasion, a new Rules Reference Guide is now available here and on our Armada product page. You can also find a list of all the cards found in the Upgrade Card Collection here. Join us today as we give you an overview of the changes!

Hello Armada fans! The wait is almost over and the Clone Wars arrive on Friday! As we've been discussing in articles and interviews throughout this year, we have updated our Rules Reference Guide to support these products and the future of the game.

Armada veterans will notice a number of significant changes as you read through the updated RRG. However, we encourage you to think of this as Armada version 1.5. It's still the same game, but with some added features to improve play and support a new era of expansions. This release article is meant to give you an overview of the changes and the thinking the design team has put into them.