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Fantasy Flight Posts Solo Rules for Arkham Horror Card Game

Stuck in a place where nobody else plays your favorite games? That can often mean you just have to go without. However, some game companies have been looking to create solo variants of their games. In this instance, we have the Arkham Horror card game from Fantasy Flight.

From the post:

When you find yourself pitted against the horrors of the Mythos, you may have a companion at your side—or even a few other investigators who will stand with you against terrors from beyond our dimension. But what happens if you find yourself all alone? Today, we welcome two Arkham Horror: The Card Game community members to share their experience and offer some tips on how to build your deck the next time you’re starting a solo campaign!

Vase and Nate on Building a Solo Deck

The air hangs thin. Your mind paces back and forth as your hands begin to clam up and your sanity weakens with the continuous shuffling of cardboard growing ever more vigorous betwixt your fingers. Your eyes gaze blankly at a familiar image and your heart begins to pound violently as you anxiously ask yourself. “Do I have enough weapons in my deck? How many skill icons should I have?”

Sweat begins to drip from your brow as you question more and more but find no answer. Paralyzed, your resolve cracks, and suddenly, the room and all of reality begin to spin around you, fading into the darkness from which it was born. Out of the darkness, a voice calls out to you… “Hey, are you done building your deck yet?”