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Fantasy Flight Posts Preview of the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

The Death Star was the ultimate weapon in the galaxy, or so the Empire thought. When the Rebels learned about it, they sent a small strike team to go secure the plans so a weakness could be found. Jyn Erso was a member of that strike team, and you can soon add her to your own strike teams in Star Wars: Legion. She's getting a Commander expansion devoted to her, and you can check out what will be coming in it in this preview.

From the website:

Forced to make her own way in the galaxy since her teens, Jyn Erso had little reason to trust anyone until being drawn into the Rebel Alliance by Cassian Andor and the rest of the Rogue One strike team. She found new meaning alongside these new allies, ultimately sacrificing herself to secure the Death Star plans and ensure the survival of the Rebellion.

Although her time with the Rebellion was short, Erso’s contribution to the Rebel cause was significant. In addition to playing a leading role in stealing the Death Star plans, she also helped the disparate factions of the Rebel Alliance coalesce into a unified fighting force for the first time. Soon, Jyn Erso will be able to lead your Rebel strike teams into the battles of the Galactic Civil War with the Jyn Erso Commander Expansionfor Star Wars™: Legion!

With this expansion, you can employ Jyn Erso’s unique skills on the battlefield while shaking up your strategies with her three signature command cards. Beside the beautifully sculpted, easily assembled Jyn Erso miniature and new unit and command cards, this expansion also contains five upgrade cards that enhance her natural abilities. Join us today as we take a look at everything Jyn Erso can add to your Rebel armies!