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Fantasy Flight Posts Preliminary Solo Rules For X-Wing

"Solo" here referring to playing on your own and not the character from the series. During the pandemic, many of us are stuck at home, far from our friends and game mates. So, it can be difficult to get some games in. Well, solo rules help, and Fantasy Flight is rolling out an alpha version of solo-play rules for X-Wing.

From the article:

The starfighter battles of Star Wars™: X-Wing can range from small skirmishes between a few ships to epic battles involving multiple squadrons and capital ships. In all these battles, at least two players come together to play out these tense engagements with iconic ships from across the Star Wars™ saga.

Now, we’re working on an entirely new way to play out the space battles of the Star Wars galaxy, and we need your help! Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce an open alpha for X-Wing Solo Play!

This new game mode gives you the chance to test your skills against a dynamic and unpredictable automated opponent whose behavior is dictated by simple rules using components found in the X-Wing Core Set. As these rules are still being developed, we need your help to test them. Throughout the development process, we’ll ask for your feedback using Google Forms.

Read on for more information on how you can play X-Wing solo!