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Fantasy Flight Posts New Star Wars: Armada E&C and FAQ

No matter how much testing a company does for their game, once everything gets out into the wild of the player's hands, things might start to crop up that weren't an issue before. Something doesn't work as intended. People get confused about a rule or interaction. A piece proves to be a bit too powerful compared to others. Whatever happens, it's good that the company looks to fix these issues. And that's what Fantasy Flight is doing here with the new Star Wars: Armada E&C and FAQ that they've posted up. Be sure you're playing the game right!

From the post:

Hello Armada fans! We realize it's been a wait, but our first FAQ update in nearly two years is here! Several major products have debuted in that time, and this FAQ covers essential questions and errata about them, including the Super Star Destroyer, Corellian Conflict campaign expansion and Onager-class Star Destroyer.