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Fantasy Flight Posts New Star Wars: Aramada Republic Fleet Preview

The Galactic Republic has stood for thousands of years, but it's being tested by the Separatists. The government is sending out their battle fleet and soon, you will be able to as well in Star Wars: Armada. In this preview, we get a look inside the starter set and some of the ships and upgrades that come within.

From the article:

As the Galactic Republic attempts to match the might of Separatist fleets, it makes use of every available ship, even those not originally designed for military service. Although it is recognized throughout the galaxy as a diplomatic vessel, the Consular-class cruiser is one such ship that now finds new life as part of the Republic Navy.

Outfitted for combat and crewed by expert clone troopers, these cruisers will soon play an integral role in your first Republic fleets for Star Wars™: Armada with the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter!

This Fleet Starter lays the foundation for the Republic faction with an Acclamator-class Assault Ship miniature and two Consular-class Cruiser miniatures as well as four squadrons of V-19 Torrent starfighters. With these miniatures as the building blocks, the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter also invites you to fine-tune your fleets with six ship cards that allow you to deploy your capital ships in two variants each as well as 20 upgrade cards that add additional officers, weapons, and more to your ships.

We’ve already shown you both variants of the Acclamator-class Assault Ship and some of the upgrades you’ll find in the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter. Join us today as we did even deeper and examine the Consular-class Cruiser!