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Fantasy Flight Posts New Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack Preview

A new squadron pack is coming soon for X-Wing. It's the Phoenix cell and it includes newly-painted A-Wings and a B-Wing. Take a look at what all will be coming in this new squadron with this preview.

From the website:

The Rebel squadron known as Phoenix Cell is renowned for good reason. Founded by Hera Syndulla and with members as legendary as Wedge Antilles and Sabine Wren, this unit has been key to countless Rebel victories. Some of its members were raised by resistors; others left the Imperial Academy to fight the Empire’s tyranny. Regardless of the circumstances of their birth or background, its pilots choose to resist the Galactic Empire together.

The Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack brings this foundational Rebel squad to the table in Star Wars™: X-Wing, including a pair of nimble RZ-1 A-wings and a potent A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter. It also adds iconic aces like Hera Syndulla, Wedge Antilles, Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano, and Shara Bey to your squadron, alongside useful faction upgrades like Hopeful and the gunner version of Sabine Wren. It can serve as launch bay into the world of Star Wars: X-Wing or supplement even a veteran player’s Rebel collection with its memorable new pilots and upgrades.