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Fantasy Flight Posts New Discover: Lands Unknown Preview

Discover: Lands Unknown will take players into... well... unknown lands. The race for survival will be on, and you will have to work both with and against the other players in order to survive and get out. In this preview, we get a look specifically at the cooperative and antagonistic aspects of the game.

From the post:

Discover: Lands Unknown is a game unlike any other. Not only is it a Unique Game where every copy is different from every other, the game’s survival setting offers a mix of cooperative and competitive gameplay. Working with other players is essential to survival, but when resources are low, who can you really trust? This mix is a delicate balance and part of what makes Discover a truly unique experience.    

Today, journey with us as we take a look at Discover: Lands Unknown with designer Corey Konieczka as he highlights the competitive and cooperative aspects of the game, and how they came about during design.

Continue on for Corey’s thoughts on the survival aspect of the game, and remember to pick up Discover: Lands Unknown when it releases on October 25!