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Fantasy Flight Posts New Cosmic Encounter Preview


It's a pretty important number out in space. It's also pretty important down here on Earth. Fantasy Flight is coming out with a new edition of the classic game Cosmic Encounter in honor of its 42nd anniversary. A lot's changed in the game over the years, and a few things are being updated for this new version, too. Fantasy Flight has posted up a new preview so you can see what all is going on.

From the post:

No one is quite sure what became of the Precursors, but their influence can be seen across the universe. Their “children” now spread themselves across the stars, using the technology and hyperspace gates the Precursors left behind to communicate—and compete—with one another. Each alien race pursues cosmic supremacy in its own unique way, sometimes using force, other times using cunning and diplomacy to establish colonies on planets in the far reaches of the universe.

With Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition, you’re invited to step into the shoes of one of these alien races and challenge your friends to a race to see who can be the first to establish colonies on five foreign planets. Featuring a revised rulebook, a beautifully illustrated Quick-start Guide and other cosmetic upgrades, this edition brings the wacky, fast-paced world of Cosmic Encounter to a whole new generation of gamers.

A fundamental aspect of this world are the game’s 51 alien species. Each one has its own unique power that interacts differently with all the others, making each game a wholly unique experience. In addition to the other changes, the 42nd Anniversary Edition also includes a set of 34 brand new Cosmic Combo cards offering different mixtures of the game’s 51 aliens. Each card provides a carefully selected list of aliens and brief descriptions of their powers, helping you quickly create themed matchups and explore wildly different types of games.

Join us today as we take a look at two of these cards and the possibilities they open in your games of Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition!