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Fantasy Flight Posts New Collapse of the Republic Star Wars RPG Book Preview

Overthrowing a government is generally a pretty messy thing. And the toppling of the Galactic Republic certainly wasn't without its atrocities. That's the era of the Star Wars saga focused on in Collapse of the Republic, a new book coming for the Star Wars RPG. In this preview, we get a look at the Death Watch and their items of war.

From the post:

The rules of war have changed, as Jedi use their mystical abilities to traverse battlefields with ease, soldiers need all the equipment they can get to even the odds and add a new dimension to the battles of the Clone Wars.

Few know war the way Mandalorians do. Though they are now dedicated to a peaceful existence, a history of advanced combat tactics is not easily forgotten. For the first time, new era sourcebook Collapse of the Republic allows you to play the role of a Mandalorian Death Watch Warrior in Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny! Not only that, their use of jetpacks allows you to control the battlefield like never before.

Join us today as we preview the path of the Death Watch Warrior and the equipment and tools that guide them on their way in Collapse of the Republic!