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Fantasy Flight Posts Interview with KeyForge Designer Brad Andres

As the release of KeyForge gets closer, players are getting more and more hyped about a card game where every deck is unique from every other one. No deck building. No boosters. Just buy your deck and play. In this preview, Fantasy Flight sits down with designer Brad Andres and they talk a bit more about how the decks are designed and the strategies involved in playing them.

From the post:

Enter a world where anything is possible in KeyForge! This fast-past game of tactical clashes takes you to the Crucible, an artificial planet in the center of the universe. The Architects have used the pieces of countless civilizations across the stars to build this planet for your kind, the Archons. The Crucible is steeped in mystery, with the secrets of the planet held within the scattered Vaults. To gain access to this knowledge, you must unite an incredible array of creatures to your cause, using their artifacts, technology, and unique skills to gather Æmber and forge the keys to open the Architects’ Vaults. Only one can gain the full knowledge and power held within. It must be you!

Along with this new world comes a new type of game: the Unique Deck Game. With this model, every single Archon Deck in existence is unique and you only need one deck to jump into the action. With no deckbuilding or boosters, every deck is ready to play straight out of the box, and you have the challenge and the invitation to discover your deck's strategies and unlock the true power within.

Still, with billions upon billions upon billions of possibilities, we may need some professional help to examine it all. Today, we meet with Brad Andres to discuss the world and technology behind KeyForge: Call of the Archons—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!