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Fantasy Flight Post New Star Wars: Destiny: Spark of Hope Preview

Each Star Wars: Destiny set covers quite a few different time periods in the overall Star Wars saga. And while the feature image for this Spark of Hope preview might be showing the most recent in the timeline, the cards and dice we have head back to the Prequel era.

From the post:

In the last days of the Republic a conspiracy took hold and changed the very makeup of the Star Wars galaxy. Where once there was freedom and prosperity, the Empire reigns. Where once the Jedi stood as protectors of peace and justice, they now exist as rumor and legend. What future awaits this new galaxy, and how did things come to this?

Join us today as we preview the prequel era in Spark of Hope, a new set of boosters featuring 160 new cards for Star Wars: Destiny!

Spark of Hope continues to expand on the themes of Convergence and introduces a new plot representing Emperor Palpatine’s ploy to take complete control of the galaxy, giving you the unlimited power you need to defeat your foes.