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Fantasy Flight Looks at the Genesys Foundry

Pretty much every RPG game out there that's being run or has been run has been different from one-another. Even if they're all running the same module, games will have vastly different styles, paths they go through, and outcomes. Such is the nature of the game. For those that have been playing the Genesys system from Fantasy Flight, they're looking to spotlight some of that homegrown content in their Foundry.

From the post:

Since the launch of the Foundry, our open marketplace for Genesys-related content, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of enthusiasm for the awesome content that you, the fans, have created. And with over 20 unique products released so far, there’s already plenty of content to choose from!

Given all of the interesting material out there, we want to help direct Genesys players and GMs towardsthe Foundry material that they may find particularly useful, interesting, or just plain fun! And we figured that the best people to determine what Foundry content fit those criteria are you.

So we are pleased to announce the Foundry Spotlight! This monthly article focuses on one piece of Foundry content. One member of the RPG team will read through the material, summarize it, and highlight some of the things about it that they think are particularly great. Then, we’ll post that spotlight article right here on our website!