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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Discover: Lands Unknown Preview

Fantasy Flight Games is turning the gaming world upside-down with its Unique Games game line. Each copy of the game will be different. So what you get in yours won't be what your friend gets in theirs. Discover: Lands Unknown is their upcoming board game that's distributed like this. However, as different as the sets might be, there's still common rules between them. In this preview, we get a look at how discovery and movement work in the game, be it in a desert, or an alpine forest, or wherever you might end up.

From the post:

You've awoken to find yourself far from home. The vast wilderness stretches before you, the days are long and every night is a struggle to survive. While you’re not sure how you ended up here, you know that answers won’t come from sitting around the meager campsite you’ve constructed. You’ll need to explore to find food, water, and most importantly, a way home!

Join us today as we look at how to get your bearings and explore the world around you in Discover: Lands Unknown!

Discover: Lands Unknown is a Unique Game, meaning every copy in the world is different. Through a sorting algorithm, the combination of components found in your game will be unlike any other copy in existence. While your group of survivors may find themselves stranded in a dense forest or on a freezing mountaintop, your friend’s copy may see a different group of survivors trying to escape a deserted island or harsh desert. However, each game is still monitored by the same set of rules that will guide you in your journey into the unknown.

Important note: Our preview will show as little of the components in Discover: Lands Unknown as possible, but if you want to go into the game completely blind, you'll want to turn back now!