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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Genesys RPG Update

While every RPG book, in my opinion, is <Barbarossa voice> more like guidelines </Barbarossa voice>, that doesn't mean that the rules are made up and the points don't matter. They do. You just want to start out with a good foundation to then manipulate. And that's where sometimes updating that foundation is in order. Fantasy Flight is updating their Genesys system, and they've posted up an article explaining the changes.

From the post:

Join us today as Designer Sam Gregor-Stewartintroduces new errata coming to the Genesys Roleplaying System! The new errata makes several updates to the system and can be found here

Sam Gregor-Stewart on Genesys Errata

Although Genesys is all about empowering you to design your own setting and rules, we want to make sure that the materials we provide have the cleanest mechanics and the least possible mistakes. So when errors do creep in, we take the opportunity to correct them and make you aware of our mistakes with an errata.

With the release of the Genesys Expanded Player’s Guide, we wanted to take the chance to update the entire line with a new edition of our errata and FAQ! You can check out the new version for yourself here (1.2 MB), but here are a few of the highlights you can expect.