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Fantasy Flight Continues Their Look Inside Star Wars: Legion's Mechanics

Fantasy Flight is looking to get you edicated about the world of Star Wars: Legion. Sure, you've maybe checked out a rulebook or hovered around while a couple people played a game, but maybe it still wasn't clicking. Well, that's where this deep-dive into the game's mechanics might help. This is the second part in the series looking at the game's mechanics.

From the post:

In our last Legion 101 article, Zachary Barry covered everything leading up to a battle of Star Wars™: Legion, including the requirements for your army and defining the battlefield you'll be playing on. Today, Barry is joined by L.J. Peña to walk you through leading your troops into battle!

Now that you have the basic mechanics in your repertoire, it's time for us to take the next step  and tackle the strategy involved in a game of Star Wars: Legion! 

In Legion, there are a lot of variables and thought processes to go through each and every step of the game. For example, each unit on the table only has a max of twelve actions per game. You should have a plan for how that unit will spend those actions. We are going to do our best to keep this simple yet informative—there’s no need to complicate it! The focal points of this article will be Command Cards and Orders as well as Actions, Combat, Cover and Suppression.