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Fantasy Flight Continues Look at Character Creation in Legend of the Five Rings RPG

A lot goes into making a character for an RPG. You've got your own thoughts on how the character should be, and working within the rules to make those thoughts into reality. In this article, Fantasy Flight continues their previews of how character creation works in the Legend of the Five Rings RPG.

From the post:

Legend of the Five Rings Roleplayinginvites you to play a firsthand role in the samurai drama of Rokugan, becoming a member of one of the Great Clans and serving your masters as best you can!

Last week, we expanded on the role of the elemental approaches and began the journey of character creation, looking at how you can use the Game of Twenty Questions to discover and establish the attributes of samurai in the Emerald Empire. Today, we'll progress through some more of these questions to see how impactful they are on your character’s abilities, personality, and the stories that you tell.