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Fantasy Flight Announces Wave V For X-Wing

A new batch of fighters will soon be making its way to your X-Wing tabletops from Fantasy Flight Games. They've announced Wave V, which continues bringing out older ships that are being updated for Version 2, as well as some new ones, including a new version of the venerable Y-Wing: The BLT Y-Wing! *reads notes* ... err, the BTL Y-Wing! ... now I'm hungry...

From the post:

Wise Jedi and dedicated clones teaming up against cold, mechanical droid starfighters. Brave Rebels flying against the might of the Empire. A group of pirates in the Outer Rim making a bold raid on an Imperial convoy. The intense space battles of X-Wing are varied and can take you to any era of the Star Wars saga. Now, new ships are preparing to make the jump into whatever war you find yourself.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce a new wave of six expansions for X-Wing!

Whether your strategy relies on fast starfighters nimbly outmaneuvering their opponents or heavy ships that can cover any angle, the ships and upgrades you find in this wave unlock deep new options for their factions. As you explore even more of the Clone Wars with new ships for the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance, this wave also brings more depth to the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and Scum and Villainy factions, adding new layers to the Hyperspace format.