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Fantasy Flight Announces Two New Operatives For Star Wars: Legion

Both the Rebels and the Imperials, though they had their basic troops, also relied heavily on specialists in their forces in order to get certain jobs done. In Star Wars: Legion, you'll soon be getting some new Operative figures that you can add to your forces. They're Sabine Wren and Bossk.

From the website:

As the Galactic Empire spreads itself across the galaxy, even the most independent beings are drawn into the growing power struggle. Soon, the ranks of both the Empire and the Rebellion will be bolstered by two warriors who aren’t afraid to think for themselves. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce two new units for Star Wars™: Legion!

Whether fighting for family honor or in pursuit of their next big score, both Sabine and Bossk bring all their skills as bounty hunters to your armies, bringing with them creative solutions to common problems found on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War. Featuring new command cards for each of these operatives as well as a variety of new upgrade cards to customize your armies, these Operative Expansions unlock deadly new options for both Rebel and Imperial players.