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Fantasy Flight Announces The Hood Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions

The Hood might not be on a power level of someone like Galactus or Nimrod or something like that, but he can still cause a lot of trouble, being the supervillain that he is. And soon, he'll be who your heroes in Marvel Champions will have to stop. Fantasy Flight has announced the new The Hood Scenario Pack for the game.

From the announcement:

Ever since he witnessed a battle between Electro and Daredevil as a child, the life of a supervillain was enticing to Parker Robbins. Later, while stealing money to pay for his mother’s medical care, a chance encounter with a demon left Robbins with a pair of boots that let him walk on air and an equally-mystical red cloak. Now, as the Hood, Robbins and his budding criminal empire are swiftly becoming a formidable threat to the people of New York City.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Hood Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This 78-card scenario pack introduces a new scenario to Marvel Champions showcasing the Hood and his notorious organization of supervillains. Also included are a whopping nine modular encounter sets that can be mixed in with any scenario—including the Hood’s—to add more customization options to your Marvel Champions experience. Are you prepared to take down a dangerous criminal empire?