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Fantasy Flight Announces Rise of the Separatists Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

Fantasy Flight is headed to the realm of the Prequels with their next rounds of Star Wars releases. We've seen it for X-Wing. Now we're seeing it for the RPG. Rise of the Separatists is the book, and in this preview, we get a look at some of the iconic arms and armaments that will be in its pages.

From the post:

When the Separatists unleashed their legions of battle droids on Geonosis, they did not expect for the Jedi to have an entire army mobilized, fully trained and equipped for battle. In Rise of the Separatists, a whole new arsenal is available to deploy to your tabletop campaigns.

As the second Star Wars Roleplaying Game era sourcebook, Rise of the Separatists showcases iconic Clone Wars era vehicles and starships, including AAT-1 hover tanks, LAAT/i transports, AT-TE walkers, Venator-class star destroyers, and more. Players can find new attachments and gear to upgrade their firepower and supplement their protection when facing superior forces, while GMs can steer ever-more-deadly droid vehicles and battleships into combat against the heroes. And for the cunning—or the opportunistic—the influx of arms into the galaxy and the scrap left in the wake of battle present countless possibilities to profit.