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Fantasy Flight Announces New Star Wars: Legion Format

Fantasy Flight Games is constantly looking to refine and update their current game systems, offering new ways for gamers to play. In this instance, they're bringing Star Wars: Legion a new game format. It's the Skirmish format and allows for smaller games on a smaller table. What are the details? Take a look for yourself.

From the post:

Greetings, Star Wars: Legion players!

I’m pleased to announce an official new format for Star Wars: Legion—Skirmish games! 

Skirmish games are played over the course of five rounds on a three-foot by three-foot battlefield, utilizing a new deck of twelve battle cards optimized for small-format play. This is the Star Wars: Legion experience stripped down to its very essence, a framework without an ounce of fat on it. Even so, it requires just as much tactical acumen, careful planning, and risk-taking as a standard game of Star Wars: Legion. I believe that players will have plenty to discover with the depth of this format!

The Skirmish format also offers new strategies and new opportunities for creative army building. Force-wielding heroes and villains are mightier than ever, but gobble up an even bigger percentage of your overall army size. Deadly short-range units like Fleet Troopers and Scout Troopers can come to grips with their foes more quickly, and heavy vehicles like the AT-ST and the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank can impact the game in a major way from the start of the very first round. In short, it’s a whole new wargame to explore!