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Fantasy Flight Announces New Star Wars: Legion Expansions

We've got yet more Star Wars-related news from Fantasy Flight today. They've got four more sets coming for Star Wars: Legion, all set from the Prequel series, bringing us characters like pre-dark-side Annakin Skywalker and arguably one of the best villains in the entire movie franchise, Darth Maul.

From the article:

As the Clone Wars rage on, new heroes emerge with every battle. Whether they’re a famed Jedi Knight leading their troops into battle or a simple droid relaying key intel to the rest of its army, the actions of these few could determine the outcome of the entire conflict.

Soon, these heroes will rise from the ranks of your Star Wars™: Legion armies. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce four Clone Wars-era expansions:

Featuring iconic characters as well as unsung heroes from both the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance, these expansions unlock a host of bold new ways for you to lead your armies. With them, you’ll be able to call upon even more powerful Force users to stem the tide of battle or enhance your corps units with all-new abilities.  

Read on for more information on what to expect in these expansions!