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Fantasy Flight Announces New KeyForge Reference Cards for Genesys

The setting of KeyForge is a strange mish-mash of a whole bunch of elements thrown together in one place. There's Martians. There's dinosaurs. There's robots. And there's Mutants. How's a GM to keep it all together? Well, Fantasy Flight is here to help with their Mutant Invasion! set of cards for the Genesys RPG. Help keep everyone sorted out.

From the post:

The Crucible is filled with strange and wondrous creatures, belonging to many disparate Houses. And if that inherent variety wasn’t enough, the introduction of mysterious dark æmber has welcomed in a flood of mutation, as once-familiar giants, thieves, demons, knights, and others become forever changed. Some rejoice in the changes, while others see them as heresy and fight to eradicate the dark æmber and its effects. Which side of the conflict will you take?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Mutant Invasion!, a Genesysroleplaying supplement pack, designed to expand the content first introduced via the Secrets of the Cruciblesourcebook!

Within this pack, you’ll find 40 oversized cards stuffed with information for players and Game Masters alike. You’ll encounter a brand-new playable species, rules for incorporating the mutative dark æmber into your own games, adventure builders, locations, and over 30 NPC adversaries to populate your adventures. If you’re planning to take your Genesys adventures to the Crucible, the Mutant Invasion! supplement pack brings even more of the diversity and wonder that makes the Mass Mutationset of KeyForgedecks so compelling.