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Fantasy Flight Announces Keyforge Launch Event Dates and Locations

The release of KeyForge grows ever closer. As players get prepped to get their new decks that will be unique from every other deck out there, the folks at Fantasy Flight are getting prepped for a big launch event. They've chosen six locations all around Europe to get special launch event specials. Check them out.

From the announcement:

Do you desire to become a being of unfathomable power? To command a team comprised of many different creatures, cultures, and technologies? To seek out all the Crucible's most valuable secrets?

Do you want to be one of the first to enter the world of KeyForge and to struggle against all those who would stand in your way?

                                     Of course, you do!

Archon, you are in luck!

Six KeyForge Preview Events will soon offer a tantalizing taste of all the game's crazy, magical, and sometimes chaotic Archon battles. Seating for these events is limited—and the prizes are every bit as fabulous as they are functional—so you will want to mark your calendar now…