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Fantasy Flight Announces Epic Battles and Large Ships for X-Wing 2nd Edition

It's a Two-Fer Friday in X-Wing announcements from Fantasy Flight. Starting off, they are bringing back the huge ships to the game, offering an upgrade kit for those that already have them, or simply reissuing them for those that don't. Then, for those that have a million ships and want to use them all together at once, they are also adding in Epic Battles, taking the game from a skirmish game to a more mass-army type of game with new formations and larger point values.

As T-65 X-wings and TIE/ln fighters engage in frantic ship-to-ship combat, turbolasers from massive warships flash across the darkness of space, pummeling their targets. Soon, you’ll be able to launch your squadrons into bigger battles, coordinating your plan of attack between imposing warships and swift starfighters. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce three expansions for Star Wars™: X-Wing:

These expansions put devastating new options for your starfighter squadrons at your fingertips, letting you conduct deadly electronic warfare and unleash barrages of powerful turbolaser or ion cannon fire as you bring the full weight of the largest X-Wing ship class to bear against your opponents. The largest ships available in X-Wing, huge ships can be used during casual games of X-Wing, and they're also great when used in conjunction with the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion. For more information on what that expansion adds to your games, click here! 

Within the Huge Ship Conversion Kit, veteran X-Wing players will find all the components they need to upgrade their CR-90 Corellian corvette, C-ROC cruiser, Gozanti-class cruiser, GR-75 medium transport, and Raider-class corvette ships to the second edition, including cards to field each huge ship in two of X-Wing’s seven factions.

Meanwhile, the Tantive IV Expansion Pack and C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack invite new and veteran players alike to harness the might of these massive craft and utilize a variety of new upgrades only available for huge ships. Look for these expansions at your local retailer early in the fourth quarter of 2019, with the Raider-class corvette following soon after, and read on for more information about what huge ships bring to your games of X-Wing!

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Whether fought between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, the Resistance and the First Order, or the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance, the Star Wars saga is defined by massive space battles that pit groups of heavily-armed warships and dozens of smaller starfighters against one another. Soon, you’ll have the chance to enter these battles and test your mettle in some of the most intense and chaotic space battles in the Star Wars galaxy.    

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansionfor Star Wars™: X-Wing! Epic Battles introduces a totally new way to play X-Wing, inviting two to eight players to engage in epic multiplayer battles as they command massive fleets in large-scale games that evoke iconic Star Wars scenes.

Featuring eleven cinematic scenarios—from team games to chaotic, eight-player, free-for-all battles—Epic Battles broadens the possibilities of X-Wing, creating an exciting new experience for players of all skill levels. In addition to the scenarios and rules for playing with more than two players, Epic Battles also introduces wings, an exciting new way for players to control multiple ships in formation using only a single maneuver dial. Wings work particularly well when flying in conjunction with huge ships, the largest class of ships available in X-Wing. For more information on adding huge ships to your fleets, click here

No matter if you’re going head-to-head with a single opponent or coordinating your attacks with a teammate, the new game modes you find in Epic Battles create an exciting new X-Wing experience. Read on for more of what to expect in the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion!

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