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Fantasy Flight Announces Dwellers in Darkness Campaign for Journeys in Middle-earth

Middle-earth has no end of adventures for those wanting to seek them out. Plenty of dark places are inhabited by ghosts, ogres, goblins, and more that are ready to harass the everyday folk. Best if an adventuring group goes in and takes care of the menace. And that's what we have here in Dwellers in Darkness, a new campaign coming soon for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth.

From the article:

The road of your journey has led you this time to the Kingdom of Dale. A shadow has risen over this great realm of Men, and now King Bain must call upon heroes in order to investigate disturbing rumors and restore peace to his kingdom. It is once again time for a new adventure.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce two new products for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth:

  • The Haunting of Dale downloadable campaign
  • Dwellers in Darkness Figure Pack

Haunting of Dale is the second downloadable campaign available for purchase through the Journeys in Middle-earth companion app, offering a completely new set of quests and challenges that require both the Core Set and the new Shadowed Paths expansion to play. With thirteen new adventures and a branching storyline full of mystery and intrigue in and around the Kingdom of Dale, the trials presented by this campaign are sure to thrill even the most experienced Fellowship.

Meanwhile, the Dwellers in Darkness Figure Pack can be used to enhance both the Shadowed Paths campaign and the new Haunting of Dale storyline. This pack contains three beautifully sculpted new miniatures of the iconic villains from the two campaigns, an additional copy of the Knife item with new upgrades, a new trinket with its own upgrades, and three brand-new titles to enhance your Journeys in Middle-earth adventures.